Tool Holder Caddies For CNC Machine Custom "Caddy"
The LIGI Machine Mounted Caddy
image of LIGI cnc tool caddy

Tired of fishing through miscellaneous piles of collets and tool holders to find the one you need? Tired of rummaging through a shared, “roll- around-cart” to get what you want, only to find it missing?

LIGI has taken another step to organize your shop and make you more efficient. The LIGI Machine Mounted Caddy gives you a place to keep your collets and tool holders right where you use them - on your machine.

LIGI's Tool Holder Caddies and Collet Caddies - our custom CNC storage systems - are the answer. These Caddies are designed to mount right on the side of your machining centers, and can handle all styles of collets and tool holders. They are attractively designed and come anodized in a standard “LIGI-BLUE” color, but for an additional nominal charge, you can customize them to your choice of colors as well as engrave them with your company name and logo right on the front. Call us for details!

LIGI "DA 180" Collet Holders

Part NumberDescriptionUnit PriceImage
LCH-DA180-16.5DA COLLET CADDY, 16.5" Long (Capacity = 29 collets)$55.00View
LCH-DA180-22DA COLLET CADDY, 22.0" Long (Capacity = 38 collets)$72.00View
LCH-DA180-27.5DA COLLET CADDY, 27.5" Long (Capacity = 48 collets)$90.00View
LCH-DA180-40.5DA COLLET CADDY, 40.5 Long (Capacity = 74 collets)$140.00View

LIGI "DA 200" Collet Holders

Part NumberDescriptionUnit PriceImage
LCH-DA200-16.5DA COLLET CADDY, 16.5" Long (Capacity = 51 collets)$75.00View
LCH-DA200-22DA COLLET CADDY, 22.0" Long (Capacity = 71 collets)$85.00View
LCH-DA200-27.5DA COLLET CADDY, 27.5" Long (Capacity = 90 collets)$112.00View
LCH-DA200-40.5DA COLLET CADDY, 40.5 Long (Capacity = 135 collets)$160.00View

LIGI "DA 180/200 Combo" Collet Holders

Part NumberDescriptionUnit PriceImage
LCH-DA180/200-22DA COMBO-COLLET CADDY, 22.0" Long (Capacity = 56 collets)$90.00View
LCH-DA180/200-27.5DA COMBO-COLLET CADDY, 27.5" Long (Capacity = 69 collets)$120.00View
LCH-DA180/200-40.5DA COMBO-COLLET CADDY, 40.5" Long (Capacity = 101 collets)$150.00View

LIGI "TG 100" Collet Holders

Part NumberDescriptionUnit PriceImage
LCH-TG100-16.5TG100 COLLET CADDY, 16.5" Long (Capacity = 15 collets)$55.00View
LCH-TG100-22TG100 COLLET CADDY, 22" Long (Capacity = 21 collets)$72.00View
LCH-TG100-27.5TG100 COLLET CADDY, 27.5" Long (Capacity = 25 collets)$91.00View
LCH-TG100-40.5TG100 COLLET CADDY, 40.5 Long (Capacity = 39 collets)$120.00View

LIGI "ER 16" Collet Holders

Part NumberDescriptionUnit PriceImage
LCH-ER16-16.5"ER16" COLLET CADDY, 16.5" Long (Capacity = 103 collets)$75.00View
LCH-ER16-22"ER16" COLLET CADDY, 22" Long (Capacity = 139 collets)$90.00View
LCH-ER16-27.5"ER16" COLLET CADDY, 27.5" Long (Capacity = 175 collets)$115.00View
LCH-ER16-40.5"ER16" COLLET CADDY, 40.5" Long (Capacity = 256 collets)$150.00View

LIGI "ER 20" Collet Holders

Part NumberDescriptionUnit PriceImage
LCH-ER20-16.5"ER20" COLLET CADDY, 16.5" Long (Capacity = 72 collets)$70.00View
LCH-ER20-22"ER20" COLLET CADDY, 22" Long (Capacity = 96 collets)$85.00View
LCH-ER20-27.5"ER20" COLLET CADDY, 27.5" Long (Capacity = 120 collets)$105.00View
LCH-ER20-40.5"ER20" COLLET CADDY, 40.5 Long (Capacity = 184 collets)$125.00View

LIGI "CAT 40" Tool Holders

Part NumberDescriptionUnit PriceImage
LTH40-16.5CAT40 TOOL CADDY, 16.5" Long (Capacity = 6 Tools)$125.00View
LTH40-22CAT40 TOOL CADDY, 22" Long (Capacity = 8 Tools)$140.00View
LTH40-27CAT40 TOOL CADDY, 27" Long (Capacity = 11 Tools)$160.00View
LTH40-40.5CAT40 TOOL CADDY, 40.5" Long (Capacity = 17 Tools)$175.00View

LIGI "HSK 40" Tool Holders

Part NumberDescriptionUnit PriceImage
LTH40-HSK-22CAT40 "HSK" TOOL CADDY, 22" Long (Capacity = 24 Tools)$145.00View
LTH40-HSK-27CAT40 "HSK" TOOL CADDY, 27" Long (Capacity = 30 Tools)$175.00View
LTH40-HSK-40.5CAT40 "HSK" TOOL CADDY, 40.5" Long (Capacity = 45 Tools)$190.00View
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