CNC Turning CNC Lathe
image of cnc lathe cutting a tube shaped part

We are the experts that will get your CNC turning job done quickly and with the best quality. Our lathe department boasts (2) 2.0” through spindle, full 5 Axis "Mill Turn" lathes. These machines produce fully machined parts by combining CNC lathe turning and CNC milling operations into one machining process. This means LESS handling, LESS set-ups, MORE accurate parts and LESS overall costs to the customer.

Fast Response - CNC Lathe
Custom CNC Turning
close-up image of cnc lathe spindle cutting outside of tube part

We pride ourselves on quick response. Oftentimes, our customers see 24 hour turn-around-time. This is possible because of our extensive experience in lathe turning of all types of materials, such as stainless steels, titanium, non-ferrous-metals, polymers, etc.. We also, have a full engineering department that can help customers find better manufacturing solutions.

Yet, we never sacrifice quality for speed. Quality is always the “number one priority”.

LIGI has a first class Quality Department ensuring high quality machined parts are delivered to the customer, every time!

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